5 Best Strength Training Exercises For Your Bodyweight Workout

strength training exercises

Strength training exercises are an important part of any well rounded fitness program. They are not only important for athletes, but also for those who are trying to lose weight and keep fit. Here is a list of some of the most common exercises.

Weighted arm or leg lifts: As its name implies, this is a strength training exercises that will help build up the muscles in your arms and legs. It is most often associated with the use of heavy weights. It may also include various other training techniques including isometric, plyometrics, and calisthenics.

Barbell Squats

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As you probably have heard, this is a favorite among many bodybuilders. It is sometimes used as a warm up exercise before the heavier sets of exercises like deadlifts and bench presses. It should be performed with both feet on the floor and should allow the knees to stay slightly bent throughout. This will ensure proper posture throughout the movement. It also builds up the thigh and gluteal muscles which will help with your athletic performance.

Basic Push Ups

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Push-ups are an exercise that targets several muscle groups all at once. The best exercises for them focus on building the chest, upper back, forearms, biceps, triceps, abs, and even the calves. It is the most basic exercises that you should do as it will not only improve your muscular development, but it will also improve your cardiovascular fitness. It is usually best performed with a spotter. When performing this exercise, make sure to use enough intensity so that you will be able to get the best results possible.

The Leg Press

There are two main exercises included in the leg press workout plan. The first is the flat movement where as the second is an inclined press where you raise your legs and bend your knees. You may focus on one of these exercises or combine them depending on your fitness level. They are great for improving your physical fitness and will help you build the abs as well. Your leg fitness will improve as you perform these exercises and you may want to include a cardio workout to complete your strength training routine.

The Dumbbells

For people looking to add more resistance to their workouts and gain a bit of size, the dumbbells are the best choice. They offer a great weight bearing exercise for the legs as well as the chest and back muscles. You can perform several exercises with dumbbells such as the wide grip dips, wide squats, military press, dips, lateral raises, shrugs, and clean and jerks.

The Balance Ball

While this exercise does not require any equipment, it does give you a full body workout. As you do your stability ball workout, make sure you use both hands and focus on maintaining proper form. Balance balls work by having the weight distributed over a large area of the body. This is effective because you can get a more thorough workout while also adding variety to your daily exercises.

Push-ups: For those people looking to get strong and defined, push-ups are a great addition to your workout routine. This exercise targets your chest muscles. Push-ups work your chest muscles with the use of your arms. You must be careful with this exercise because if you hold the position for too long, it could cause injury. If you want to strengthen your arms, chest exercises are a great choice.


If you are someone who wants to lose weight, pull-ups should be a part of your strength training regimen. Pull-ups train your back muscles. This combination of back and abdominal workouts will help build strength in your core as well as improve your posture. You can also strengthen your back with chin ups because they work out your abdominals as well.

Bike Exercises

Bike exercises are a great way to lose weight because they burn lots of calories. They are low intensity but provide a great cardiovascular workout. Since you pedal while you ride, you burn calories even while you are sitting and watching TV. These types of workouts provide a medium-intensity workout that will stimulate your metabolism. When combined with other weight-loss techniques, bike exercises will maximize your weight loss results.

Bottom Line

There are many other types of bodyweight workouts that you can do to achieve your goal of losing weight. Remember to always incorporate cardio and weights so that you get the maximum results from each exercise. In addition to having a great physical body, you will feel great once you have lost the excess weight you were carrying.

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