6 Best Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises To Do At Home With Minimal Equipment

cardiovascular endurance exercises

You do not need a lot of fitness equipment to perform cardiovascular endurance exercises. Instead, you can take part in such exercises at home by working your body weight. The research recommends that a person engages in one hundred and fifty to three hundred minutes of moderate physical activities per week. The list of cardiovascular endurance exercises below will help you perform cardio almost anywhere, including public parks, homes, or outdoor spaces. You can also choose the exercises that suit your current fitness level. Also, you could move on to more challenging moves as your fitness improves over time. 

List Of cardiovascular Endurance Exercises To Get You Moving

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Think outside the box and make an effort to do something new with these exciting cardiovascular endurance exercises options. The key that keeps you sticking with a successful workout plan is finding an activity that you enjoy. 

Once you have discovered an exercise you love, you will have so much fun that you will need a reminder that you are improving your health too.

Jump Rope

It might be the chance that you have not jumped rope since 5th class recess. If this is the instance, you should go and get yourself a jump rope. You can do this cardio form about anywhere. Just turn on your favorite playlist and begin to jump on the beats. 


Dancing is an excellent way to blow off some steam while also performing cardiovascular endurance exercises. You might think that dancing is limited to Zumba classes, but what’s stopping you from dancing around your room. Crank the music and dance yourself silly. 

Organized Sports

You might not think that you are a sportsperson, but there are hundreds of sports leagues out there that are jam-packed with people just like you. Such people want to have fun and stay healthy. You can sign up for flag football, basketball, soccer, or whatever suits you fancy. Running around a court or field can surely increase your heart rate. You can check your community or society for non-competitive sports leagues. 

Power Walking

You do not have to look like a professional power walker to reap the advantages of this type of cardiovascular endurance exercise. Just step outside and pick up the pace.


The low impact of cardiovascular endurance exercises is a great way to get your heart rate up while protecting your joints. If you are not confident about swimming skills, you can grab a kickboard and perform a few laps. This activity will engage not only your legs but also your abs. 


You all can’t be Rocky Balboa, but anyone can use boxing to get healthy. Just 30 minutes of boxing can help you burn up to four hundred calories.


There is no doubt that cardiovascular endurance exercises are a vital part of a healthy and long life. But, it is not necessary to stick to the treadmill for cardio. You should find what you enjoy and stick to that routine. You can choose one of these fun and exciting cardio exercises listed above.

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