Cardio Workout: Check Out The Benefits Of Doing It

Presenting You The Best Home Cardio Workout

After hearing the word “exercise”, the first word that comes into our mind is a cardio workout. A cardio workout is a rhythmic process which in turn increases the heartbeat to the targeted level. Thus, the cardio workout helps us to burn our fats and calories. As per the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee, we can state that episodes or bouts of different lengths affect the health benefits coupled with the accumulated volume of physical exercises.

You might wonder that cardio workout can only start in the gym, but we can do our cardio workout at home. In this article, we will present you a vivid idea about the home-based cardio workout and the significance of it.

Presenting You The Best Home Cardio Workout
Cardio Workout: Check Out The Benefits Of Doing It

Types Of Cardio Workout

The classification of cardio workout depends on your body type. The classification is as follows.

  • High-intensity workout- This includes 70% to 85% of MHR (Maximum heart rate) or 7-8 level on perceived exertion scale.
  • Medium-intensity cardio – This includes 50% to 70% of MHR (Maximum heart rate) or 5-6 level on the perceived exertion scale.
  • Low-intensity workout- This includes below 50% of MHR (Maximum heart rate) or 3-4 level on perceived exertion scale.

Significance Of Home-Based Cardio Workout

Nowadays, due to our busy schedule, we can’t go out to do cardio. So, here we come with the benefits of the home-based workout.

  • It helps to make your heart stronger so that it can pump the blood quickly.
  • It helps to burn fat & calories and results in weight loss.
  • It helps to enhance the capacity of the lungs.
  • It helps to void the risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
  • It helps to release stress and make you sleep better.

The most significant point about the home-based workout is that you can do light exercise. For example, if you don’t want to do high-intensity workout, then light workout every day will also affect your body. Suppose, a 15 min walk can also maintain your high blood pressure and diabetes.

Presenting You The Best Home Cardio Workout
Cardio Workout: Check Out The Benefits Of Doing It

Choice Of Workout

As we are discussing home-based workouts in this article, so we must know about the exercises that are possible at home. You can choose your desired cardio, but before that, you must understand what activity you like, in which you are comfortable. So, we are giving you some tips required for you to choose the right home-based workout.

  • Do whatever exercise you like to maintain the balance in your body. Suppose you have been instructed to run, but you don’t feel comfortable with running, then don’t go for it. Instead, you can walk for some time.
  • There is no specific time for doing a cardio workout. You can choose your flexible timing for the workout.
  • Don’t get pressured for a workout which may result in the breakdown of your body. You can even walk, jog or skip instead of high-intensity cardio.

Duration Of Home-Based Cardio Workout

As we stated above, there is no specific timing for doing a home-based workout. Here, we have made a list of tips required before starting any home-based cardio :

  • Don’t perform the entire workout at one time. You can split the whole process of daily workout into small episodes so that there is a balance of losing weight and remain healthy.
  • You can speed up your walk, use the staircase instead of lift which in turn can burn your extra fat & calories.
  • The intensity of exercise is indirectly proportional to the duration of the exercise. Suppose, you are doing any high-intensity exercise then you can do it up to 10 minutes, but with light exercises, it may last for 40-60 minutes.
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