Fitness Tips For Fast Bowlers – Here Are Some Perfect Fitness Tips

fitness tips for fast bowlers

Fitness is important for every sport. In sports, there is a straight connection between fitness and sports. In cricket, it tests a player in many things from game skills, stamina, physical fitness to mental strength. Here for the fast blower, it takes a lot of stamina to throw the ball without overstepping and in being fast & accurate. A fast bowler needs to take care of many things such as being extremely fit which helps to prevent injuries, proper exercise, workouts, and many more things. So here are some valuable Fitness Tips For Fast Bowlers which may help one to be extremely fit for the game.

Focusing On Core Body Training 

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In cricket, for the fast blowers, core body fitness is very important. To build a strong and fit body one needs to strengthen the lower body because these are the parts of the body where most of the strength for throwing a fast-paced ball emerges from. Though upper body strength is also important but not more than core muscle and lower body training. Many bowling coaches advise focusing on lower body training more but to be a fast-paced bowler, upper body training is also required. Because training the upper body can help exercise hand muscles to become more powerful which would indeed help to throw the ball at a faster rate. This is why appropriate training of the body comes under the most important thing in the list of Fitness Tips For Fast Bowlers.

Regular Exercise 

In the list of Fitness Tips For Fast Bowlers, regular exercise is the most recommended part. Fast bowlers are often prone to having most injuries like arm injuries. Hence, appropriate exercise and following a routine workout daily would help to strengthen muscles and it also may help to lower muscle damage during any sprain or muscle injury. So here are some exercises from which fast bowlers can prevent the harsh damages caused due to injuries up to a certain level in training or the field. There are many exercises that are usually recommended for a bowler but some of the most important exercises are chest press, deadlifts, leg press single-leg, planks, etc. Flexibility is a very important criterion for a fast bowler because one needs to have enough flexibility to perform different fast-pacing bowling skills. That’s why a fast bowler also needs to do flexibility exercises such as hamstring stretch, sitting shoulder stretch, etc. In cricket, every player needs to do a warm-up before any kind of physical activity. Usually, this is done for activating different muscles of the body. If not done, then it may become a shock to muscles and may lead to injuries.

Following A Proper Diet

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Another useful tip in the list of Fitness Tips For Fast Bowlers is having a proper and healthy diet. A fast bowler needs lots of strength and stamina to throw a ball. Along with a planned work out, one also needs to follow a healthy diet. Consumption of nutrient-dense base foods like whole grains, fruit, lean protein, etc. is highly recommended as it enables one to get the required amount of protein and nutrition.


It might be confusing for so many people to see yoga as a part of Fitness Tips For Fast Bowlers. But yes it also helps fast bowlers in many ways. For example, it improves mental focus. Generally, young fast bowlers tend to have knee, hip and back pain problems. Hence, yoga can help reduce those pains. Yoga also helps in preventing injuries because it improves the body’s flexibility and helps in strengthening the entire body. In the list of Fitness Tips For Fast Bowlers, yoga can be seen as an essential part which may prove to be highly beneficial. 


Being a fast bowler is the toughest thing in cricket because of all the things that are needed to perform. In cricket, fast bowling becomes a hard job because one puts the whole body strength in every ball one bowls. Hence fast bowlers need more speed and strength and also require a huge amount of stamina. Make sure to try these great fitness tips out as it might be of good help to people aiming to develop the body for fast bowling gameplay. 

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