Some Of The Various Workout Body Types For Different People

workout body types

What are the body types of humans? Which type of body type is best for humans? Human workout body types are usually in three kinds: endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph, these categories or somatotypes, developed by famous psychologist William Herbert Sheldon in the 1940s. The research or aspects of Sheldon has been proving that this body type is an implication for athletic performances. And famous people did a study on it, resulting in Mesomorph men doing a bench press or squat better than the ectomorph. The combination of mesomorph and ectomorph is the best ability to enhance aerobic capacity in training.  Mesomorph is the best workout body type overall.

Let’s see about workout body types of humans, and those define the human body capacities of doing the work.

Ectomorph Is The First Workout Body Type

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Ectomorph is the first type of workout body type. An ectomorph body type is naturally thin, and they regularly struggle to gain weight as either body weight and muscles. But these people have narrow shoulders and hips, and their metabolism is fast.  The main goal of ectomorph body types is to gain weight. A compound exercise to enhance your muscle growths, bench press, triceps, biceps, etc. If you add protein powder, brown rice, brown bread, and more to your daily diet, these are beneficial to you to gain weight.

Mesomorph Body Type

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The mesomorph has a middle one: Ectomorph or endomorph. The mesomorph is the second workout body type. They tend to have broad shoulders, narrow hips and clavicles, relatively thin joints, long limbs, etc. Mesomorph tends to have a fit and muscular body. When many studies are done, they get a result that the mesomorph is suitable for body types. Aerobic exercise is best for a mesomorph. To improve the metabolism, they must include hypertrophy with conditioning because they fire your metabolism after your exercise. 

Endomorph Body Type

Endomorph is a third one from workout body types. These types of people gain weight very quickly, but they struggle to lose it. Their bodies are more expensive than the comparison of the ectomorph and mesomorph. This one has a heavier bone structure, a squarer torso, wider waist, larger hips, slow metabolism, wider hips, etc. But it doesn’t matter if the endomorph is less healthy. They decided to make their body thin, they do this definitely, by doing a heavy training and following a strict diet.  For an endomorph it is best to exercise to convert their body types and maintain them, such as cardio, swimming,  avoiding the heavy weight lifting with low reps, and daily doing an upper and lower body workout. This all helps you.


These three are workout body types of the human body. These define the sizes and shapes of the body type or are also helpful to define the abilities of doing the work by these body types. You can transform a body according to a requirement, by doing a perfect training and diets.

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