Thinks You Should Know About Crunch Fitness

What Are The Importance Of Crunch Fitness Exercise?

The standard crunch fitness exercise is done on the floor. You can also use a yoga mat for comfort. Crunches are one of the most known abdominal exercises. The crunch involves the entire abs and rectus abdominal muscles. The crunches help to build both six-packs abs and contribute to tightening the belly. 

Thinks You Should Know About Crunch Fitness
Thinks You Should Know About Crunch Fitness

Check Out The Facts About Crunch Fitness

Targeted Muscles through Crunches

  • Rectus Abdominals
  • Oblique’s

Calories burned with the help of crunches

10 crunches= 1 calorie burned

100 crunches= 10 calories burned

There is also some Injury Risk occurred during crunches, and crunches studies show that crunches lead to bulging discs or hernia ion; strong core muscles can help maintain good posture and balance lower back pain.

The merits of crunches

  • Crunches are exclusively an abs workout and it helps to build a 6 pack.
  • The crunches can be done anywhere.
  • Crunches are very beginner-friendly.

The cons of crunches

  • The crunch did not engage other core muscles only the abs.
  • The risk of back injuries and neck injuries.
  • Crunches are unsafe for older adults.
Thinks You Should Know About Crunch Fitness
Thinks You Should Know About Crunch Fitness

How To Do Crunches

The standard crunches can be done on the floor or a yoga mat.

Crunches are done in this following way:

  • Lie down on your back.
  • Plant your feet on the floor
  • hips-width apart
  • Bend your knees
  • And place your arms across your chest.
  • Contracts your abs and inhales
  • Exhale and lift your upper body, keeping your head and neck relaxed
  • Inhaled and return to the starting position

Safety tips of a proper crunch

You will increase the risk of injury if the movement comes from your head or neck. Always use your core to raise your upper body.

Move-in controlled and slow manner fast movement of the body didn’t engage the right muscles, your neck may get injured if you place your hands behind your head. It is best to try this hand placement after you learned the proper form of crunching.

Is there an injury-free and safer way to do a crunch? The more reliable way to do a crunch is by supporting the lower back while keeping in a normal position. It consumes less strain on your upper part of the back and neck.

A Safer Way Of Crunch Fitness

  1. Lie down on the floor. Bend your knees and plant your feet on the floor. Place your hands underneath your lower back and extend one leg.
  2. Contract your abs and inhale. Using your core, raise your head and neck a few inches off the floor, keeping your neck straight. 
  3. Return to starting position.

How A Bicycle Crunch Is Done

The abs and were maintained with the help of the bicycle crunch workout, which is an intermediate version of the fundamental crisis.

To do a bicycle crunch

  1. Lie down on your back. Bend your knees hip-width apart. Place your arms behind your head, pointing your elbows outward.
  2. Brace your abs. Lift your knees to 90 degrees and raise your upper body. This is your starting position.
  3. Exhale and rotate your trunk, moving your right elbow and left knee toward each other. Simultaneously straighten your right leg.  
  4. Move your left elbow to your right knee and extend your left leg. This completes one rep.

To avoid strain, keep your lower back on the floor and shoulders away from your ears. Rotate from your core instead of your neck or hips.

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