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Women Workout Body Types Fall Into Three Categories

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Most women’s workout body types fall into the following categories: endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph. An endomorph is the opposite of an endo, meaning they have a greater than average amount of body fat and generally have a slim, narrow body with small muscular defined areas. This type of body tends to have a fast metabolism and is very athletic in nature. Mesomorphs differ from endomorphs in the fact that they have more than average amounts of body fat and a bit more of a slow metabolism. Mesomorphs are usually athletic or have a fairly high intelligence.

Endomorphs generally have a great deal of slow-moving, sluggish movements with almost no power behind the movements. They have good muscle definition but are generally not very physical. These body types typically have a tendency to gain weight over time. Mesomorphs have the opposite problem; their muscles have great definition but are usually quite quick and have a bit more body fat than endomorphs. Mesomorphs tend to be very athletic and have an easy flowing motion to their workout routines.

Endomorphs Generally Have An Easier Time Developing Muscles

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Each of these three body types have great advantages and disadvantages when it comes to working out. Endomorphs generally have an easier time developing muscles due to their slow movement and they also have a naturally lean appearance making them a great body type for a workout body type. Mesomorphs have an easier time developing muscles due to their fast and heavy movements. And finally, mesomorphs have the hardest time losing weight because their slow metabolism rate results in a lot of fat being lost during the workout. However, there are ways to tone down this type of body type, which makes them ideal for someone who wants to gain muscle mass.

Endomorphs are generally considered the “average Joe” when it comes to body type. This body type can benefit from a good workout routine but should not expect to put on a lot of muscle mass or gain a lot of weight to lose. The overall appearance of endomorphs will more than likely remain the same compared to other variations.

Lower Repetitions With High Weight Over Time

An endomorph may workout based on a certain goal such as putting on a lot of muscle mass. The workout routine will consist of lower repetitions with high weight over time. For this type of bodybuilder, eating often is not necessary because they do not need a large amount of food to stay energized. Also, because their body is not capable of handling a high calorie intake, they will rely heavily on protein to keep them going. They may also perform cardio workouts to give them well sculpted muscles.

An ectomorph is the opposite of an endomorph. They usually have a smaller frame and are considered to be “skinny” in comparison to others. This body type will benefit most from a workout routine that focuses on bulk building muscles. Exercises that focus on the thighs, hips, stomach, and back are best for this type of person.

Summing Up

The best way to choose a workout routine for each body type depends entirely upon what you want to accomplish. If you are an ectomorph, then a high calorie diet will be your best choice. If you are an endomorph, then a workout routine that focuses on large muscle groups will be best for you. If you fall into the middle category, then a workout routine that uses lighter weights and high repetitions will work for you. By choosing the right workout routine, you can gain the muscle mass that you want, as well as lose the fat that you don’t need.

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